Week 7 Winner announced for Together We Win

Congratulations to Melissa Brandenburg who is this week’s winner of $100, drawn on Monday, October 15th. You can enter the week 8 drawing now. The deadline to enter is Monday, October 22nd at 7 AM. The winner will be announced shortly after that. There are links to all 5 places you can enter on the home page of our website, www.newsandviewsusa.com.

Melissa’s entry recommended Atlantic Buffet with the following comment, so they also win $100. “Atlantic Buffet–Have you tried this place? There is something for everyone. The price is great and the food is delicious. Don’t know how they do it?!”

If you want to enter this week’s contest, here are links to all 5 places you can enter:  Chapel Hill News & Views Facebook Page, Villa Rica News & Views Facebook Page, GreyStone Power Facebook Page, or the GreyStone Power Website. Each week we give away $200. By entering each week in all 5 places, you have 5 chances to win every week.

This week we ended up with 48 entries distributed among the following entry points.
News & Views Website = 15
GreyStone Power Website = 1
GreyStone Power Facebook = 9
Chapel Hill News & Views Facebook 14
Villa Rica News & Views Facebook = 9

Those who entered the contest in all five places had approximately a 1:10 chance of winning.

The winning entry came from the Chapel Hill News & Views Facebook Page. To pick the winner we use the Random Number generating website, randomgenerator.net, and had it generate a number between 1 and 48, and the number was 5, which corresponded to Melissa’s entry.

HERE IS A COMPLETE LIST OF THE WEEK 7 ENTRIES for the Together We Win contest.
By reading these entries you will learn about why certain businesses are popular among your neighbors, and maybe you will discover a new favorite spot for your family. Entries have been placed in alphabetical order by business to make it easier to find a business you might be looking for information about.

If you entered the contest and do not see your entry here, it is most likely because the business you recommended was not an advertiser in Chapel Hill or Villa Rica News & Views.

Advanced Dermatology. Everyone is so nice and Dr Agha is great. I’ve seen them since 2009. Highly recommend them to anyone who has any skin problems. – Amanda Copeland

Atlantic Buffet–Have you tried this place? There is something for everyone. The price is great and the food is delicious. Don’t know how they do it?! – Melissa Brandenburg

Atlantic Buffet sushi! – Melanie Stir

I love Dinner’s Ready. I always feel like I have come to a friends for dinner. It has such an at home feel and taste. I have not had anything I did not enjoy. The homemade desserts are wonderful too. The owners and wait staff are excellent. – Larry Thaxton

Douglasville Books – This is one of my favorite places to shop in Douglas County. I love bringing in my old books for credit. The owner is so friendly and always willing to help me find a book or order if need be. I could spend hours there! – Stephanie Culberson

Evan’s Barbeque……Best in town. Nice place to go with the family. – Dianne Morgan

Gold’s Gym is the best gym in Douglasville. My family and I have been members for the past 13 years. The group fitness is amazing. The staff is supportive. You feel like you are among friends every time you go. – Beverly Clements

Gold Gym in Douglasville. They give me motivation to stay fit with the before and after stories. – Maria Ramos

Green Tree Day Spa—-Truly love this place. What a wonderful and relaxing experience. – Paula Prewett

The Irish Bred Pub. They have great food and staff and it’s always clean. They make the value good so people can eat out at lunch with their daily lunch deals. A fun place on the weekend for great food and friends. – Windy Harmon

Have to vote for Jones-Wynn Funeral Home. Good people, friendly and caring services, and community servants. – Paulette Crutchfield

Love the food and service at Monterrey Restaurant on Fairburn Rd, but I love using the coupons from CHV&N even more. – Greg Elton

My family and I love having lunch at Monterrey on Hwy 5. The food is great and affordable. – Kathleen Powers

Monterrey’s on Hwy 5 is one of our favorite places to eat! Good food, good service and a place that has been around for many, many years. We look forward to enjoying dinner there for many more years to come! – Kristi McCoy

My family and I always enjoy a trip to Plato’s Closet! If you’re willing to invest a little time into browsing their racks, you’ll be sure to find some GREAT deals!! – Amy Kazanjian

Sam and Rosco’s is a perfect place for a romantic dinner, birthday party or birthday dinner. The staff is very helpful and the food great, parking is easy and prices reasonable. – Linda Waldron

Smile Center in Villa Rica makes going to the dentist a breeze! The staff is always friendly and the Doctor is great! Quality care close to home! – Jennifer Baker

I like that the advertisers are local and keep our and their money in our communities! Like Southwire. – Kim Poer

My favorite advertiser is Tony’s Mexican Grill. I love to go there every Sunday afternoon and get the #10 value meal which consist of : Two tacos, Rice & beans with cheese dip melted over it. The reason I started going there was because I saw an advertisement in the Chapel Hill News and View magazine years ago so I had to go check it out and every time I patronage them I take someone new with me so they can experience real Mexican food. I also love there are always coupons in the magazine to help make the visit more enjoyable. The great prices brought me into the restaurant but the Fantastic service keeps me coming back week after week!!! – Melissa Price

I love Wasabi on Hwy 5! They are a secret gem in Douglasville. I moved up from Florida, where great sushi was plentiful, and had to look around here for good sushi at a decent price. Wasabi has a great menu with lots of variety at reasonable prices, and it’s so yummy! – Tiffany Johnson

I love the Wasabi ads because they have amazing hibachi food and sushi. They put some great coupons in the book so you can eat delicious food for a great price! – Lauren Justice

Williamson Bros. BBQ is a great friendly environment. The restaurant is always clean and inviting. Great food and staff – Amanda Campbell

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