Week 43 Winners for Together We Win

Congratulations to Terry Dale of Douglasville, who is this week’s winner of $100, drawn on Monday, June 24th. You can enter the week 44 drawing now. The deadline to enter is Monday, July 1st at 7 AM. The winner will be announced shortly after that. There are links to all 5 places where you can enter on our website, www.newsandviewsusa.com
Terry’s entry recommended the Villa Rica Diner with the following comment, so they also win $100. Terry’s entry said “Villa Rica Diner is the best place for good home country cooking. Kim Guy, owner, is incredibly accommodating and always there to greet you with a smile. Best breakfast hands down!”

This week we ended up with 22 entries distributed among the following entry points.
News & Views Website = 6
GreyStone Power Website = 4
GreyStone Power Facebook = 4
Chapel Hill News & Views Facebook= 5
Villa Rica News & Views Facebook = 3

Those who entered the contest in all five places had a 1:5 chance of winning
The winning entry came from the Chapel Hill News & Views Facebook page. To pick the winner we use the Random Number generating website, randomgenerator.com, and had it generate a number between 1 and 22, and the number was 11, which corresponded to Terry’s entry.

By reading these entries you will learn about why certain businesses are popular among your neighbors, and maybe you will discover a new favorite spot for your family. Entries have been placed in alphabetical order by business to make it easier to find a business you might be looking for information about.
If you entered the contest and do not see your entry here, it is most likely because the business you recommended was not an advertiser in Chapel Hill or Villa Rica News & Views.

The Curiosity Shoppe – I love this antique shop. It’s packed full of anything you could ever want. My step-father made my son a kitchen table and we purchased 4 ladder back chairs that go perfect with the table. Every time I shop here I come out with something interesting. – Sherri Wylie

When I am in Villa Rica, I have to go by the Big Chic and eat! The fried chicken is delicious! – Pat Reese

Evans Barbeque Company it has the best food in bbq and the staff and owns are so nice love that place. – Joanne Guyton

I like Johnny’s Pizza ad because I love anything to do with up north. The canolis are the best too! – Sara Connolly

If you haven’t eaten at Outback Steakhouse lately, give it a try! They have made it affordable again. I had a great steak for $11.99 and the service was great! – Pat Reese

I want to nominate Physician’s Immediate Med for the Together We Win contest. I’ve been there numerous times for various illnesses and have always been treated very warmly and professionally. Their doctors and nurses are very skilled and know exactly what to prescribe to make you feel better really quick. I’ve never had to wait very long either. I don’t currently have a primary care physician so being able to visit Immediate Med is a God send!!! – Stephanie Wyatt

Rountree Recreation has the best birthday party facilities in the area. – Lorie Ownes

I really love the ribs at Shane’s Rib Shack. The food is great and the staff is very friendly! – Pat Reese

Villa Rica Diner is the best place for good home country cooking. Kim Guy, owner, is incredibly accommodating and always there to greet you with a smile. Best breakfast hands down! – Terry Dale

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