Villa Rica says “Welcome to Moe’s!”

In the works since 2016, construction is increasing pace at 700 Highway 61 on the new retail space that will include Moe’s Southwest Grill. The development is also slated to include a Starbucks and a nail salon.

Moe’s, created in Atlanta in December 2000, is one of the country’s fastest growing restaurant chains of its type. It’s difficult, though, to lump Moe’s in with any other type of restaurant. Yes, their fare is a mix of southwest Texas and Mexican food, but their style is all their own.

That “Welcome to Moe’s” shout that you get when you walk in the door of Moe’s is not just a gimmick. The restaurant seeks to create a casual, welcoming atmosphere, where customers can be creative (choose from more than twenty fresh ingredients to build your own, signature burrito) and the ordering and dining experience can be fun and entertaining.

It’s even in their name, Moe’s. It’s an acronym for Musicians, Outlaws, and Entertainers. There is no guy named Moe. A visit to Moe’s will include an eclectic soundtrack playing in the background, one that pays homage to influential musicians and adds to the creative ambiance of the dining room. An appreciation of entertainers of all kinds is evident in the names on the menu, like “Art Vandalay,” from Seinfeld, “Billy Barou,” from Caddyshack, and “Kaiser Salsa,” from The Usual Suspects.

What about the outlaws? Moe’s breaks the traditional mold of corporate management. There is no mascot, only a predictable, but genuinely enthusiastic welcome to the restaurant. All of their locations are locally owned. While they provide a well-proven business model for franchise owners, they also encourage creativity, through a casual atmosphere and ongoing support.

Then, there is the food. Moe’s offers burritos, tacos, and quesadillas that include more than twenty fresh, natural ingredients. Their chicken is all natural, cage free, and hormone free. The steak is from 100% grass-fed beef. Even the tofu is all natural, seasoned tofu. There are numerous options for vegetarians, omnivores, and those who are gluten sensitive.

Moe’s likes to assert that they want customers to unplug, enjoy their meal, and enjoy each other. They want Moe’s to be a place where customers connect with the food, the music, the pop culture references, and reconnect with each other. They call it “seizing the Moe-ment.” The “Moe-ment” is coming to Villa Rica.

Tentative plans, according to Moe's representatives in Douglasville, have the Villa Rica Moe's opening sometime in March or April, 2018. Watch for our updates at For more information about Moe's, visit their website at


  1. Linda O on November 19, 2017 at 8:20 pm

    What and when is the shopping center at the light at south Carroll road going to start development?

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