Villa Rica Dairy Queen opening soon

Villa Rica Dairy Queen opens in October 2017The new Villa Rica Dairy Queen is on schedule to open in the middle of October at 811 West Bankhead Highway in Villa Rica. Training will begin the first week of October, and the restaurant will open a week or two after that.

This restaurant will be the largest of the over 200 Dairy Queens in Georgia.

A second location just across the street from the northernmost point in Villa Rica is also opening very soon. The New Georgia Dairy Queen, in front of the Publix Super Market on Highway 61 at Ridge Road, will be ready four to six weeks after the Villa Rica opening. Look for that location to being servicing residents in the middle to latter part of November.

The Mehr family, which owns both locations are enthusiastic about bringing Dairy Queen to the area. They have also owned the Dairy Queen on Stewart Parkway in Douglasville for over twenty years. "We are actively seeking new employees at all levels from the local area," they said, adding "we have had so much interest in the new locations, every day customers in Douglasville ask us when we will open. We are as ready as they are!"

Dairy Queen has been popular with families since the 1940s when the first store opened in Joliet, Illinois. The soft-serve formula that was the basis for the restaurant was created two years earlier by a father and son team. The Mehrs keep that family run tradition alive with Mr. Mehr and his family working side by side for the last two decades.

The Villa Rica Dairy Queen and the New Georgia Dairy Queen locations will be Grill and Chill concepts, a slightly refined approach to traditional fast food restaurants adopted by Dairy Queen in 2001. Drive thru service will be available at both restaurants.

Dairy Queen offers a full menu, including burgers, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches and baskets, and even pulled pork sandwiches. But the company is mainly known for their frozen treats, especially ice cream and soft-serve treats. Mehr proudly points out that Dairy Queen is the number one seller of birthday cakes in Georgia.

For more information readers may visit Dairy Queen on Facebook or the website

Those interested in employment opportunities should visit the new Villa Rica Dairy Queen location, or the Stewart Parkway Dairy Queen to inquire about applying. They may also call Mr. Mehr at 404.313.0854 .

If you want to see what the lot looked like before construction began, here is a link to that post.

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