Trading Post Cafe – Review

Trading Post Café was great experience

By Tim Collins – Publisher – Villa Rica News & Views

Please note – since this article was written, the restaurant has moved to a new location on Hwy. 61 in the old Piggly Wiggly shopping center.

I just returned from a very pleasant dining experience at Trading Post Café, located on Bankhead Highway about 200 yards west of the intersection of Highway 61.

There’s something different about this restaurant, but in a good way. Even on the owner’s business card it says “Charlee Kennedy – Proud Owner”. And Charlee should be proud, if a typical meal at her restaurant is similar to what my son and I enjoyed.
The service was outstanding! We were seated right away, and the staff there was so friendly. The food was served quickly and our waitress checked on us multiple times during the meal to be sure that our drinks were refilled. Another waitress, who wasn’t even covering our table also came by a couple of times to see if we needed anything. When we were finished and ready to leave, our server asked if we’d like a drink to go. It was the best service I have had at any restaurant in a very long time. The staff really seemed happy to be there.

Even though Trading Post advertises in the magazine fairly frequently, for some reason I still had in my mind that it was a “country cooking restaurant”, probably because that’s what it was when it opened about the same time that we started Villa Rica News & Views. You can still find many country style items here, but the menu is probably one of the most diverse in Villa Rica. They have steak, seafood, barbecue and dinner salads, and there were many items I would have liked to try. Unfortunately, I only have one stomach, so I ate the Tuesday Special which was lasagna, and Dylan had grilled Tilapia with house seasonings. We both indulged to our content and needed a to-go box, because the portions are so big. By the way, the salad that came with the meal was a “real” salad – by that I mean it had lots of tomatoes, cheese, and a delicious ranch dressing which I am sure was homemade.

Though the menu was big, the prices were not. Most of the entrees are around the $10 range, and that’s hard to find nowadays.
The restaurant really has a feel to it that makes you feel like you are eating at a relative’s house (one that you enjoy visiting). It doesn’t have a cookie cutter kind of look to the inside. The tables and chairs don’t all match, there are interesting pictures and knick knacks all over the restaurant, and as I mentioned before, the service really made me feel very comfortable and welcomed there.

We will definitely be back!

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