Together We Win entries – Week 1 Set 2

Entries from August 28th through August 30

Bright Star Methodist Preschool ad. It is a great pre-school, low number of children per class and a wonderful staff. – Tony Waldrip

I love Dr. Kay’s Animal Hospital! They take great care of my furry family and are always available. The staff is kind, helpful and you can tell they really love their patients. – Jamie Blankenship

Monterrey’s on Highway Five in Douglasville has been a favorite of ours for more than 12 years. The staff is amazing, friendly and never met a food request they couldn’t handle. And of course the Margarita’s are the best! – Debbie Burris

I like that Golds Gym in Douglasville constantly has great deals. I also like the before and after photo, it encourages me to lose weight – Maria Ramos

Next time you need/want a massage you should visit Mary Lou Ross at Douglasville Theraputic Massage on Fairburn Road. The massage I had there was great. It is a very peaceful and relaxing place to get a massage! – Kari White

La Salsa Mexican Restaurant on Hwy 5 has the sweetest workers/owners we have gotten to know them and they are so nice the food is always fresh and delicious! – Ashley Roberts

I like the Bright Star UMC ad, our grandson went to pre-K there two years, it is a wonderful place. It has small classes and a great staff. – Sandra Waldrip

For my entry I want to everyone to know how AWESOME Kay Animal Hospital is! I have great confidence in the care that they give Jack – my fox terrier! AND the peace of mind they give me knowing he is healthy! Thanks! – Renee Kell

EVANS BBQ in VR by far has the BEST BBQ around. The staff, food and service is AMAZING!!! – Ashley Lowery

Golds Gym….especially how they post pictures of local people that have lost weight. Encouragement for others and GREAT way to make those feel great about what they have done! – Keri Pitts

I love cruising through this magazine every month! I make a special effort to pick because it is not delivered to our house. I love the restaurant review section and the coupon section. Just from reading the previous review on EL TEXANO, I can’t wait to try it out. Thanks! – Ann Anderson

The Big Chic has the best fried chicken! I recently ate it for the first time and it was juicy and delicious! – Tara Johnson

I like that CHILLERZ Yogurt came to Villa Rica. We needed a Yogurt shop here local. I was getting tired of driving to Douglasville. – Maria Ramos

I like the Bojangle’s ad because it has a buy one get one free sausage biscuit coupon. They have the best biscuits! – Kimyatta Walker

Although I have only been to Physicians Immediate Med once, it was a pleasant experience, even though I was sick! The nurses and doctors were very nice and very timely. – Kari White

The best place in Douglasville to eat a home cooked country meal is Dinner’s Ready!! They also have the best desserts in the world!! The servers are very friendly and the tea is sweet! If you haven’t ate there, you need to give them a try, you will love it!! – Kari White

Wing It – I love the food and the service is awesome! – John Salinas

Evan’s Barbecue is great. – Brenda McDuffie

I love that Johnny Pizza in Villa Rica offers coupons. I look for all the savings I can get. – Maria Ramos

I have been a member at Gold’s Gym for many years and I have loved every visit! The gym staff is always so friendly and helpful. The gym has great equipment that is always taken care of and working great! – Kari White

Cafe 4:13, I wouldn’t have known about its opening if it weren’t for VRN&V. Great place to eat – Nancy Coleman

I love Mill Town Music Hall. I think it brings a lot to our area – Amber Yarber

Merle Norman Cosmetics is a great company with friendly employees. – Lauren Bleakley

We like BIG CHIC because they have great fried chicken and very nice people. – Brenda McDuffie

KFC in Villa Rica is getting a remodel job and I hear good things are coming. WOW- Melba Parson

I enjoy eating my vegetables at Dinner’s Ready Restaurant in Douglasville. – Marie Hill

I absolutely LOVE, WGA Party Rental in Villa Rica, Great products at affordable prices and a friendly staff. what more can you ask for!! – Tiffany Parson

My favorite advertiser is Chastain and Company Salon. My hair dresser Jennifer Duke is the best and they just opened up their new location. It is the nicest salon in Douglasville!- Nicole Orozco

Subway near Bill Arp Park is one of my favorite eating places. It is walking distance from my home and the food is always fresh and tasty. Nice staff too. It’s a fun place to go and write poems. – Alice Shapiro

I love Monterrey’s! – Amber Yarber

I enjoy doing business with Douglasville School of Dance because they are a faith based dance company that has been in Douglasville for over 30 years! Their professional and compassionate staff make it an easy choice to keep coming back each year for more! – Sara Ray

Atlantic Buffet! It’s an awesome restaurant! They even have frog legs! We eat there a lot! – Kim Cornwell



  1. admin on September 4, 2012 at 10:43 pm


    This article has links to all 5 places to enter:

  2. DIANNE on September 4, 2012 at 9:39 pm

    Love to go to Sam and Rosco’s. Best food in town.

  3. Tiffany on September 4, 2012 at 11:34 am

    Butlers BBQ is the BOMB!! can not wait for the new location to open in VR!!

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