The Great Douglas County Shredding Event set for March 22

  Shredding          Douglas County residents will be able to bring their personal documents, tax records, financial reports, old love letters – anything on paper! – to the Douglas County Courthouse on Saturday morning, March 22nd, for “The Great Douglas County Shredding Event”, sponsored by the Douglas County Communications and Community Relations and Georgia’s Own Credit Union.

            Georgia’s Own Credit Union is bringing three bank-quality shredding trucks to the Courthouse parking lot, and residents will be able to “drive through” the designated shredding area to have their papers shredded while they watch.  The shredding will be conducted by a FDIC contractor, so will be the diamond cross-shredding that is not reconstructable.

            The event will be held from 9 a.m. – 12 noon, and residents will be directed through the Courthouse parking lot to the drive-through area.

            The event is free, and open to the Public.  The shredding is limited to the personal records of County residents; businesses are not eligible for this service.

            Georgia’s Own Credit Union and Douglas County Communications and Community Relations are sponsoring “The Great Douglas County Shredding Event”  to protect our residents’ identity and safety.

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