Thanksgiving and Your Pets – By: Dixie Popham

Dixie Popham

Dogs and Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a wonderful and exciting time to be a dog. There are so many interesting smells and all those people to give you attention. Best of all is the opportunity to snag some delicious table scraps.

It's tempting to give into those yearning puppy dog eyes, but we have to exercise caution. Though all table scraps might look delicious to a dog, not all Thanksgiving food is good for them. If your pet eats the wrong food, he could become very ill.

Many of the foods that we eat safely can cause digestive upset, obstruction, or even toxicity to your pet. Several of these foods are all in one place at the same time. The things that go into preparing and serving the meal can also be bad for your pet.

Aluminum foil and plastic wrap, when covered in food scraps and drippings, are hard to resist for your pet. If ingested, they can cause inflammation and/or obstruction of your dog’s digestive tract. Cooking twine and rubber bands are often used to close the body cavity of the turkey. If eaten they can get partially stuck within their digestive tract. Obstructions can be life threatening and often can only be removed surgically.

Kitchen trash cans are very tempting for your pet. Trash cans contain many things that can cause your pet significant health problems. Be sure your trash cans are closed tightly and kept safely behind a closed closet or cabinet door.

If you do decide to give your dog a little turkey make sure it’s cooked not raw. Make sure it’s boneless. Do not feed dogs raw dough. Be careful with alcoholic beverages, even a small amount can be toxic. Chocolate, of course, is a well known hazard and many recipes call for baking chocolate which is particularly dangerous for dogs.

Just to be safe, tell your guests not to feed your pets. Your friends and family may not be aware of the common kitchen foods that can be poisonous to pets. Your dogs are counting on you to keep them safe for many Thanksgivings to come!

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