Temple News & Views to launch in January

Temple News & Views is launching in January, and will be mailed to every mailing address in the Temple 30179 zip code.

Temple News & ViewsAt first, the magazine will be the same as Villa Rica News & Views in terms of content, although it will contain more information about Temple than before, including listing all Temple businesses in the Yellow Pages section. It is possible that over time the two might evolve into totally separate magazines, or the same magazine with a different section inserted in each one.

About half of the residents of Temple have been receiving Villa Rica News & Views for the last couple of years, and it has been very well received. Temple residents frequently enter the contests, and are the source of many nice comments about the magazines. Bojangles in Temple currently serves as a pick up place for Villa Rica News & Views and Chapel Hill News & Views, and goes through over a hundred copies a month. On November 28, a Facebook page for Temple News & Views was created, and within 8 hours it had almost 150 fans. Based on all of these factors, as well as how the other publications are received, it looks like the new magazine will be a huge hit in Temple.

The combined circulation of Villa Rica News & Views and Temple News & Views is 23,000 copies, and over 21,000 are mailed to every home, business, apartment and PO Box in both areas.

Ad rates went up very slightly to accommodate the added cost of printing and mailing, but prices to advertise a business in the publication still start at $42 a month. The ad appears in both Temple News & Views and Villa Rica News & Views.

Chapel Hill News & Views is unchanged and still distributes 45,000 copies a month, so between the two publications 68,000 copies will be distributed each month.

Chapel Hill News & Views started in 2000 with a circulation of a little over 2,000 copies to subdivisions along Chapel Hill Road in Douglasville. In 2008, Villa Rica News & Views was founded.

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