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Providence Canyon State Park

8930 Canyon Rd, Lumpkin, GA 31815
(229) 838-6870

Providence Canyon State Park (Georgia’s Little Grand Canyon) is located about 3 hours south of West Georgia near Lumpkin - Take Hwy 27 south from Carrollton. Parking is available for $5, then there is about a 20 minute hike down from the top of the canyon to the bottom. that part of the hike is fairly steep, and the trail is nice. The bottom of the canyon is flat and sandy. There may be some very small trickles of water covering some of the trail on the sandy part. You can view the canyons from the bottom. The entire walk from the top to the bottom and along the bottom of the canyon to see the trails is only a couple of miles, and the only difficult part is climbing back up from the canyon. Several other longer trails, up to about 7 miles are available as well.

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