Rule the School with “Principal 4 A Day”

The Douglas County Chamber is thrilled to partner with the Douglas County School System and Brighten Academy for the sixth annual “Principal 4 a Day” on Thursday, October 19th.  This program allows members of the business community to visit one of the 36 schools in Douglas County or Brighten Academy and shadow the principal for a half day.

“Principal 4 a Day” is a program adopted by the Douglas County School System and the Douglas County Chamber in 2011. Each school principal will be paired with a local member of the business community who will experience a typical day in the principal’s shoes. Guest principals will be exposed to the many exciting programs offered in our schools as well as gaining first-hand insight into the challenges that schools face on a daily basis.

Boatright commented, “It is so important to have a synergistic relationship between our schools and our business community, and the Chamber is pleased to offer programs like Principal 4 a Day that provide business leaders an opportunity to see what our school leaders experience every day. We know how great our school system is and want to be sure to spread the word!”

Douglas County School Superintendent Trent North stated, “We are excited to again partner with the Chamber to present Principal 4 A Day. We encourage community members to come into our schools and see for themselves all the exceptional learning that takes place every day. We are proud of our staff and our students and the resources available in all of our schools.”

While this program is for members of the business community, other members of the Douglasville and Douglas County community will have the opportunity to participate in the second portion of this program, “Teacher 4 a Day” on March 28, 2018.

For more information on Principal 4 a Day or to apply, visit the Chamber website at or contact Whitney Constien at 770.942.5022.


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