Restaurant Review – Olive Tree – Villa Rica

Submitted by Sheila Massey

The Ladies of Life on the Word Church hold their monthly meetings at one of the local restaurants in the Carrolton, Villa Rica and even in Douglasville areas. Our meetings are held the first Thursday of each month. We want to give a review of the restaurant we visited along with the topic we discussed that night. This month on Thursday, October 4th at 7 o’clock we met at the Olive Tree Restaurant in Villa Rica. We met the greeter who was very pleasant, that seated us at table suitable for our party. As everyone arrived we looked over the menu that was moderately priced. We each gave our order for tea or water to the very pleasant waitress. She brought our drinks, rolls and salad then took our food orders. We prayed before we ate the salad and rolls. Everyone enjoyed the rolls. They were fresh and well seasoned with garlic butter. The salad came in large bowls one with the house dressing that was very good and the other came with a house made ranch dressing. They both were very good. The meals of pasta, lasagna and manicotti arrived. Everyone enjoyed their meals as we discussed the importance of forgiveness.

Each one gave their views of the importance to forgive, giving examples from the scriptures. We discussed that if we walk in the love of God, when someone does something to us to hurt us, God takes that offense personally. We are to pray for that person that God will help that individual realize how much they hurt us and ask God to help us forgive. We discussed that if this is a repeated offense by the same individual, then we can still forgive, we don’t have to put our self in that place to be hurt again by continuing to associate with them.

We had a very pleasant evening as we had serious moments and fun moments. We did a lot of laughing and had a good time. Follow the Life on the Word Church Ladies as we decide were we will meet next month.

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