Pine Mountain Gold Museum to add scenic train

Pine Mountain Gold Museum Train

She’ll Be Comin’ Around the Mountain

VILLA RICA, GA (July 10, 2013) – “Woot, woot!” is the sound that will soon be heard across Villa Rica in Douglas County.  That’s right! The City of Villa Rica has acquired an amusement-sized passenger train for the Pine Mountain Gold Museum. This C.P. Huntington Train should prove to be just what the city needs as another activity for its citizens and a venue to help put Villa Rica on the map of tourist destinations.

The Pine Mountain Scenic Railroad will travel through the beautiful mountainside, allowing passengers to exit and enter at the top of the mountain to explore its historic exhibits.  The track is roughly a mile long, originating at the exquisitely-built train depot and passing the multi-purpose train barn that will house the train at night, as well as double as a maintenance building. The park plans to have sites throughout the ride to further enhance the experience, including a ride through the farm animal exhibit.

The city is currently accepting Benefactors to help to offset the costs of purchasing the train, the train cars, and building the depot.  Companies and individuals that contribute to the train project have the opportunity to earn different levels of recognition and rewards, including having a train car named for them and Lifetime Passes.  Interested participants are encouraged to contact the museum for complete details.

September 7th is the date of the annual Gold Rush, so the city has chosen that event to kick off the Grand Opening of the train. Pine Mountain Gold Museum will host a Gold Rush event at the park in conjunction with the event held at The Mill amphitheater in downtown Villa Rica. Staff and volunteers will dress in period clothes, there will be demonstrations of activities from the pioneer days, vendors will offer crafts and other handmade items, and food will be as if from the Pioneer Days.  The train will offer its first public rides as the Pine Mountain Scenic Railroad and will be treated to a special adventure prepared especially for participants at the event.

The Pine Mountain Gold Museum at Stockmar Park is a unique historical site with a museum, actual mining sites, nature trails and gold panning all at one location. Experience gold mining techniques spanning over 100 years beginning in the 1820s through the early 1930s. They are listed on the National Register of Historic Places and awarded the Southern Arc’s Best of 2008 “Best Tourist Attraction” and the Carroll County 2009 Preservation Award. The park was also the site for the filming of Robert DeNiro and John Travolta in February 2012, for the film “Killing Season” due out in 2014.

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