Pickin’ Peaches Downtown

Pickin’ Peaches Downtown
By Chuck Palmer

Antiquing is part shopping, part decorating, part history appreciation, part craftsmanship, part passion, and part treasure hunt. Owners Susanne Hudson and Debbie Reece have brought all that and more to their new antique shop in Douglasville at the corner of Campbellton, Church, and Broad streets.

Pickin' Peaches Antiques & Interiors is a place for those who love the treasures of the past. Shoppers are greeted by a wide variety of decorative and functional pieces including advertising collectibles (like Coca Cola and Dr. Pepper signs), furniture, books, even a vintage vending machine horse named Trigger that kids with a dime might ask to ride.

Currently, ten different antique dealers are represented in the large, well-designed space. Customers have the opportunity to browse a wide variety of styles and an ever changing inventory. The shop also carries Rethunk Junk by Laura paint. This is a refinishing paint that has become very popular with those trying to repurpose or revive objects and furniture from the past. Rethunk Junk, started in a garage in the Acworth / Woodstock area of Georgia, is a paint that is easy to use, doesn’t require priming, doesn’t require special brushes, is low odor, and, according to their owner, mistake proof. The store carries a wide variety of colors and the Rethunk Junk website offers recipes for creating new colors by mixing the basics.

“Enthusiasm may be what sets us apart,” said Susanne Hudson. “Not only are Debbie and I excited about this place, but so are the ten antique dealers who have joined us.” The name “Pickin’ Peaches” seems a natural fit for two long time friends and Georgia residents who have spent years picking (think American Pickers) antiques around the country. Their hope is to encourage other antique and vintage shops to locate in the downtown area. Towns like Thomasville, Georgia, Jefferson, Texas, and Pell City, Alabama are seeing growth in local businesses as more antique shops bring destination shoppers. Ms. Hudson pointed out that more antique shops means more out of town antique shoppers, who buy antiques, eat at restaurants, buy gas, and usually return over and over.

The 4500 square foot facility, previously The Design Center, has ample room for displaying a large inventory. Off street parking is available on Church Street and customers may enter the store from there or at 6632 Broad Street where the entrance is at street level. For more information visit their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/pickinpeachesantiques or by calling (770) 947-3224.

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