ParrotHead Club forms in West Georgia

The newly formed West Georgia ParrotHead Club is the official “Parrot Heads in Paradise” chartered club for the western region of Georgia. Their home perch is at Salty’s Oyster Bar and Seafood House, 911 South Park Street, Carrollton, GA where they meet regularly on the last Wednesday of the month at 6:30 p.m.

Parrotheads are people from all walks of life who like the music, lifestyle (whether real or imagined), and attitude toward living of Jimmy Buffett. Their Motto is to “Party With A Purpose” by sponsoring or participating in numerous community and charitable events throughout the community.

In 2012, Parrothead clubs, raised $3.46 million and contributed over 200,000 volunteer man-hours for various local, national, and international charitable causes.

In an eleven year period (2002-2012) Parrothead clubs raised over $29.7 million and contributed over 3.1 million volunteer man hours for various local, national and international charitable, civic and environmental projects.

Their purpose is to bring together those people in the community who enjoy Jimmy Buffett’s music, understand the wisdom of the tropical spirit and desire to leave something positive behind. Their club is open to anyone with the tropical spirit and the desire to contribute to the betterment of the community.

For more information regarding the West Georgia ParrotHead Club, contact Bob Abdich at

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