Outlook Express problems solved with Thunderbird

By Tim Collins – Publisher – Chapel Hill News & Views

Those who know me understand that I am somewhat technologically challenged. And, like most, I get very frustrated when something is not working correctly on my computer, and it is not a simple fix. So, I am delighted to recommend a product I discovered after years of frustration with Outlook Express.

I receive and send 2,000 to 3,000 emails every month. For the last few years I have used Outlook Express, but from time to time it would give me an error message and say that an email was not sent, even though it actually did go out. The email would still be in the Outbox, so every time I would try to resend it, the recipient was receiving multiple emails.  Typically the problem would go away if I would delete some of my sent emails. But a month or two later, the same problem would occur.

Over the last couple of weeks, deleting sent emails did not solve the problem, and about one out of 10 emails would generate the error message. Then the problem started to happen with every email, and did not go away even after deleting ALL of my sent emails.

I searched the internet for “similar to Outlook Express” and the top result was Mozilla Thunderbird. I had been using Mozilla Firefox as my Internet browser for years, so thought I would give it a try, especially since it was free.

I absolutely love it. It downloaded smoothly, and installed well. I was able to import my Outlook Express folders into Thunderbird, so all of my emails were still in one place, and I didn’t have to reinstall all of the settings for my multiple email accounts. The interface is quite similar to Outlook Express, so it was simple to learn how to use it. It appears to have more features than Outlook Express.

The icing on the cake was when I attempted to add two brand new email into Thunderbird. With Outlook Express, it would sometimes take me several tries to get all of the settings right, such as the “port”, incoming server name, outgoing server name, logon settings etc. With Thunderbird, I basically just had to type in my email address and password, and it did all of the configuring for me.

Mozilla Thunderbird has approximately 20 million users worldwide. I highly recommend this product! For more information or to download, you can visit www.mozilla.org/thunderbird .

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