Nightmare’s Gate Haunted House description

My name is Chad and I am a Special Effects creator/set builder/promoter and actor for Nightmares Gate Haunted House in Douglasville.

First and foremost, we are all a huge family! The owners, Corwyn Newton and Ben Blair, are some of the most brilliant minds in our industry! With backgrounds in electrical engineering, installations and fabrications, they started with an idea and a goal! They have built everything you see during your sentence at Brasky State Prison! From costume and wardrobe to makeup and props, these guys never stop! Being an artist myself, I wanted to learn from one of the best! And here at Nightmare’s Gate, we HAVE the best! We are boasting America’s Scariest Character 2012, Dr. Detroit! Dubbed by Midwest Haunters Convention, our very own Chris Black has won this prestigious award out of a mass of 15,000 entries!

We also won two 2nd place trophies for our float entry in the annual Fourth of July parade in Downtown Douglasville 2012! Undertaking this load was myself and a team of our specialists to give Douglasville a day to remember! And that they did! People are still talking about the crazy looking guy in the tower with the Gatlin gun! A week and a half went into our creation for the parade…and then we got a boost! Monster Energy said, ‘Let us have a Monster pull the monster?’ So, now being supported by the best Street Team crews in Atlanta, Monster Energy will be spreading our information all around the Southeast! We have also been fortunate to be supported and sponsored by Hooters in Douglasville. And as we sadly heard that our new friends are about to close, we wanted to support them as they have us!

Our attraction is basically like living in a horror movie for anywhere between 30-45 minutes! We are a prison themed, unguided, fully interactive haunted house. You must brave through your stay at Brasky State Prison, as there is a full scale riot going on! Warden Brasky is missing, his Elite Corp, a group of cyborg guards are losing ground to not only the zombified prisoners, but to the State’s zombie assault units as well. From start to finish, you come across some of the craziest mind-blowing scenes. It’s up to you how long it takes to get out alive! Will the State be able to condemn the prison as planned, or will Dr. Detroit take over the prison, or worse….the town??? And where is Brasky?? Behind the walls you will be faced with anything from torture victims to robotic zombie guards or Zombie Assault Team units. We are intense, and are an all ages show. HOWEVER, we do have a parental advisory. With a prison theme, we want the most realistic, true to life event for our guest convicts. So we use graphic language, graphic content with gore and violence. So PARENTAL GUIDANCE IS REQUIRED!!! But we have had children go through, and come out laughing! Our actor corps is one of the best! They can tell how to act and react with every group that enters! Whether you are scared out of your mind, or laughing, we will leave you with an experience that is unlike anything else! Not to mention the tight spaces, completely dark rooms, insanity and amazing illusions, Nightmare’s Gate holds true to a Number 2 Scariest Haunt in Atlanta 2011 by 11Alive News!

The show that you see, is totally and fully unique in every site! Every piece was hand made by a unique cast we like to call our Gate Makers! This is a hardcore elite group of people coming together for the common ghoul! We are all recognized by a simple tattoo, our gate logo! 9 people in our entire cast of over 50 have this tattoo! And have earned it well! We have worked tirelessly on this year’s production starting in March 2012. We have put our own money, spare time, non-spare time, blood, sweat and tears into it! Our efforts are not for the money, because there really isn’t much, but because we LOVE it! It’s our passion! Ask any of us from one haunt to the next…..its a passion!

We would love to be sponsored by an organization that could use the advantage we are offering. We will be getting out in the community soon! We are using the social network, Facebook for all our announcements. With the help of our technology, we have had people from around the Southeast calling or messaging us, planning their sentencing! We have photo ops with characters, special guest appearances, and lots more in store!

Nightmare’s Gate is located at 4179 Vansant Road in Douglasville. Take the Fairburn Road exit off I-20 and go south to the first traffic light and turn left on Vansant Road. For information you may visit their website or Facebook page.

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