Microchipping now available at animal shelter

MicrochippingUp to 8 million animals end up in shelters every year. Unfortunately only about 15 – 20 percent of dogs and 2 percent of cats are ever reclaimed by their owners. One way to increase the chances of finding a lost pet is to have it microchipped, and the Douglas County Animal Shelter is now offering this service to the Public for their pets.

Any dog or cat can have a microchip implanted. It is virtually painless. A needle is used to place a little chip under the animal’s skin, usually between the shoulder blades. The chip has an unique number on it that can be picked up and read by a scanner. It takes less than a minute. The cost is $10 per animal. Microchips do not hurt the pet; do not require surgery; and do not wear out. They do give your pet the best chance of coming back home to its owner.

All animals at the Douglas County Animal Shelter, and all animals picked up by Animal Control are scanned for microchips so that their owners can be notified. The Shelter has a scanner in house and the Department’s Field Officers carry scanners in their vehicles. Pets want to be with their owners; owners want to be with their pets; and this new microchipping program will help accomplish both goals.

The Douglas County Animal Shelter is located at 1755 County Services Road (off Cedar Mountain Road adjacent to the Douglas County Landfill). It is open Tuesday through Sunday afternoons beginning at 1 p.m.

The Douglas County Animal Shelter is a program of the Douglas County Board of Commissioners.

Photo courtesy: Benning Animal Hospital, Columbus, GA

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