Madhouse Gym moves to new location

Madhouse Gym

It’s a Madhouse in Lithia

Madhouse Gym is enjoying their new location at 3678 Veterans Memorial Highway (Highway 78) in Lithia Springs after moving from their previous location on Broad Street in Douglasville. Madhouse unapologetically bills itself as “The only Powerlifting, Strongman, Bodybuilding, Olympic Weightlifting, and Serious Fitness and results-based gym around available 24 hours a day.” It is a members only gym for those who “want to go heavy, make noise, get stronger, get leaner, and look better.”

The gym, known for its focus on serious weightlifting and bodybuilding, recently added a FreeMotion Shoulder Press offering a compound overhead movement that is intense, but very low stress on the shoulders. Two other additions are the Strive Bicep and Tricep machines. They offer the flexibility to load weight at different points so that different segments of a lift may be more or less challenging.

For more information visit them at MadHouseGym on Facebook or call 404.343.8458.

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