Luther’s Bistro opens on Highway 61

Luthers2WebA new restaurant opens on October 3rd at the corner of South Carroll Road and Hwy. 61, but the purpose is not only to provide great food, but also to benefit charities with every meal purchased.

The restaurant is bright and cheery with lime green, black and purple colors inside. It is also state of the art. Customers can use the app to order their food while on the way to the bistro, or they can use the touch screens located throughout the restaurant to build their own salads, sandwiches or smoothies. You can even pay right on the touchscreen from your table. You can also download the app and build your sandwich, soup or salad on the way to the Bistro.

For salads, patrons choose on the touch screens from six greens, up to six fruits and vegetables, meats, and toppings, and then select the dressing. The result is a custom salad. Sandwiches are created with the same type of procedure, with a choice of seven types of bread, four methods of preparation (grilled, Panini, plain or toasted), six choices of cheese, numerous sauces, nine choices of meats, plus greens and veggies. You can also create a smoothie in the same way.

What makes the restaurant totally unique is that 80% of your meal is tax deductible, because 80% of the proceeds are donated to other charities and community service programs. It is run by the Autumn Hills Foundation, which is dedicated to ending domestic violence. So not only do customers get a tasty meal, but they also get a nice tax write off.

The restaurant is located at 901 South Carroll Road. For more information on the Bistro you may call 404-861-0727. For information on the Autumn Hills Foundation, you may call 678-899-3051 or visit or email



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