Local author finds Lonnie the Little Lost Book

Celeste Easter is excited about the release of her new children's book, Lonnie the Little Lost Book. Ms. Easter, a New Orleans native and Carroll County resident whose two sons attend Temple Elementary School, has long been involved in volunteering in school media centers. It was that experience and her love of books that inspired her to write Lonnie the Little Lost Book.

"Thousands of books are checked out every day from school and public libraries. Some aren't taken care of and some don't make it back at all. Other children lose the opportunity to enjoy those missing stories," expressed Ms. Easter. Her book, illustrated by Palwasha Sajid, targets early elementary age kids and hopes to build a sense of value and shared ownership of books. When the title character is lost, kids are encouraged to become a "Book Hero," by helping him find his way back home.

Ms. Easter, entrepreneur and owner of Bridge Builder Books LLC, credits her mother, Villa Rica resident Ms. Katie Brown, with her faith, love of words, and ambitious spirit. Lonnie the Little Lost Book is available for ordering from the website celesteeaster.com. A book signing is planned for early November with 10% of all book sales going to benefit the Temple Elementary School Playground Project. Follow Bridge Builder Books on Facebook for details on the event.

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