Laser Maze added to bowling center

Douglas County families who are looking for something different will want to check out the huge new family entertainment center at World of Fun and Your Bowling Center.

Your Bowling Center has made a substantial investment to bring a first-class entertainment center to Douglas County. Included in the renovations are Lazer Frenzy, an inflatable obstacle course, the very latest in redemption games, and a state-of-the-art arcade. All of this is in a safe and family friendly environment that will appeal to all ages. Even the outside of the building has been given a facelift, and when guests first arrive they will notice the new, exciting appearance.

The big highlight of the renovation will surely be Lazer Frenzy. It is an exciting new arcade-style laser maze attraction that is played in the dark with lasers, mirrors, haze, effects, and unique themes. Guests complete a variety of objectives while being surrounded by a web of laser beams they must navigate carefully to achieve the high score and complete their mission.  The goal is to complete the course in the lowest time possible. Players select their difficulty – there are four choices designed for every age group and skill level. Upon selecting the challenge, players enter the maze to begin their game. The pulsing music kicks in and Lazer Frenzy powers up the lazer maze challenging the player to navigate over, under, and around the beams to get to the LED illuminated Checkpoint Button on the other side of the maze. Points start ticking down as time passes and any beams that are broken along the way may set off special effects and sounds while further reducing the player’s score.   Your Bowling Center is the only business anywhere in the area that has it, so it will be something new and exciting to try. I think this will be a big hit!

Also new to World of Fun at Your Bowling Center are two inflatable obstacle courses. One is designed for the youngest guests, and a second course is geared for older kids and teens.  It’s certainly a big step up from the “moon walks” we all remember.

One of the things that struck me as I took a “preview tour” of the facility was how much fun the arcade and redemption games looked. A redemption game is one that gives tickets to the player based on how well they did. The tickets can then be taken to the Redemption Center and exchanged for prizes. The Redemption Center here was stocked with so many prizes that it made me feel like I was at the fair. The games that I saw were very unique and state of the art. I was also impressed with the fact that there were games that would appeal to all ages. For example, there was a cute little duck game that was designed for ages 4 and up, skeeball, basketball, and probably 20 to 30 other redemption games .  There were also many other interesting games like Guitar Hero challenge, which I had never seen before. This is a place that truly has something for everyone. A couple of pool tables still remain for those who enjoy a game of billiards on a high quality table.

Your Bowling Center is very serious about making this a safe and fun place that families can come. It is not a hang out place for “thugs”, but is secure and well staffed. I definitely plan on coming frequently.  It is also a great place to have a party, with bowling and a whole lot more. It should be a very popular destination.

Your Bowling Center and World of Fun Family Entertainment Center are located at 3931 Longview Drive in Douglasville. It’s a little hidden, but still easy to find. From I-20, go about ½ mile south on Fairburn Road, and just past the new police center turn right on to Longview Drive. For information, you can call them at 770-947-2795 or you may visit them on the web at .

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