Jerry’s Gourmet Burgers lives up to burger aficianado’s expectations

By Lindsey Robbins, Editor, Villa Rica News & Views

My husband loves burgers, so much in fact, that I sometimes I wonder if he loves them more than me. Okay, so not really; however he is always on the search for a great burger. So, as soon as I found out about Jerry’s Gourmet Burgers, I knew it had to be at the top of our list of restaurants to try.

As we drove down Dallas Highway, we found it immediately. The exterior is bright yellow with red trim. It’s located right next to the Texaco at 820 Dallas Highway. It does sit back from the road just a little.

We walked up and were immediately greeted by Jerry at the ordering window. We took a look at the menu and Jason ordered the burger (duh!) and I ordered a Philly cheesesteak. I spent a summer in Philadelphia in college as a missionary and have a deep love for them. Jerry asked me what I would like on it and I said he could just make it however he likes to prepare it. He then THANKED, yes thanked me for ‘letting him make it that way’. You know someone is a great chef and has a love for food when they are so passionate about the toppings on a Philly cheesesteak.

Jerry left to prepare our food and we sat in one of the booths (there is only outside seating). We then hear, “Okay kiddos, here you go!” (Well played, Jerry. It’s always good to make 30-year-olds feel young again!) Jason went to pay and Jerry said, “No! Enjoy the food now, while it’s hot. We’ll take care of it when you’re done.”

Jason brought the food over and I immediately gawked at the size of his hamburger. It was huge and filled to the brim with the perfect burger toppings. It was super juicy and the cheese was melted perfectly. Jason took one bite and I knew he was in love. My Philly was amazing as well. The best part was how cheesy it was. A lot of places seem to miss the ‘cheese’ mark on the Philly CHEEESEsteak, but not Jerry. Both meals were served with fries, which were delicious. They have other menu items as well.

We both love desserts and Jerry’s has on the menu homemade pineapple cake. We were stuffed, but ordered one to go. Later that evening we pulled it out of the refrigerator and…let me tell you, I could write an entire article just about that pineapple cake and I don’t even like pineapple cake! The cake was so moist and the icing was light and fluffy…it makes me want to drive up there right now and get a piece. Once we finished, we went and settled up and thanked Jerry for the amazing food. His prices are extremely affordable. We spent less than $20, including our two meals, dessert and a tip. Also, if you plan on eating there, take your own drinks or walk to the gas station next door. Due to their proximity to the gas station, they are not allowed to sell beverages.

I have to say – I always love seeing people who are following their passions in life and Jerry is passionate about food.

For more information, you can call 470.767.3520. You can also visit and ‘like’ their Facebook page –

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  1. admin on August 23, 2013 at 4:56 pm

    From Tim – The atmosphere is really fun too. Jerry is one of a kind and so appreciative of the customers that come. I can tell he takes a huge amount of pride in his food. We will definitely be back.

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