Former Football Players Give Thanks to Former Coaches

Football PlayersLithia Springs Coach Honorees: Melvin Crook, Rego Rue, Rick Spriggs, Jerry Davis, Barry Gamel, and Danny Wilkins. These men taught us a lot about football but way more about life. They always wanted the best for us. THANK YOU, Coaches! You'll never know the impact you had on all of us. Hope along the way each of us made you proud in some way. Never forget after Friday night wins Coach Crook telling everyone to go home, get some rest, watch cartoons, and get ready to grind on Monday!!
Douglas County Coach Honorees: Jimmy Johnson, Burt Dodd, David Carroll, Chet Forsh, Phil Williams, Liam Spears, and Clay Henson. THANK YOU to these men and others who have helped shaped my life into what I am today by doing their part in the community through pouring into me and other young men. Not just through football, but by building personal relationships like when Coach Dodd made me a part of his wedding or when he and Coach Carroll came to visit me at college in North Carolina. They taught me how to work with people of diverse backgrounds for a common goal through sports, a principle that still applies in my life today. They invested time to teach us hard work ethic and determination along with good values in order to become men and leaders in our community; to take responsibility for advocating and working for others throughout the community. Thank you for doing your part to help raise up future community leaders as we now carry the torch to raise up the next generation of leaders--in sports, the classroom, and the workplace. Coaches don't just build strong sports teams, they build strong leaders who build strong communities.  Lynn Lindley

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