Exceptional Character Student Scholarship

The Community Character Coalition of Douglas County is now accepting scholarship applications.  CCC will be awarding up to six (6) scholarships, one to each high school and one to a home school/private school student. All recipients must be graduating seniors and residents of Douglas County.  Applications may be downloaded at www.douglascountycharacter.com.   The qualifications include:


  • Student must be a graduating senior from a public or private high school or be a graduating senior from a home school program;


  • Student must be a Douglas County resident;


  • Student must have a cumulative 3.0 grade point average or higher;


  • Student must plan to attend an institute of higher learning;


  • Student must provide documentation of active participation in service projects from a representative of an organization or community affiliate;


  • Student must demonstrate positive character qualities at all times;


  • Student must submit a recommendation letter from both a school and community member/leader that has direct personal knowledge of the student and specifically describe the student’s positive character


In addition to the scholarship award, the student’s teacher named as having the most positive impact on each scholarship winner will receive $50.


Applications must be typed and postmarked no later than February 26, 2016,  and submitted to the Community Character Coalition of Douglas County, P. O. Box 5646, Douglasville, GA., 30154.  Applications may also be emailed or submitted to Pam Nail at pam.nail@douglas.k12.ga.us.


For more information, call 770.330.5384 

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