Douglasville Babies”R”Us closing

Douglasville Babies”R”Us closing

Douglasville Babies”R”Us one of 182 stores closing this Spring

Toys”R”US Chief Executive Dave Brandon said in a letter this week “The reinvention of our brands requires that we make tough decisions about our priorities and focus," commenting on the restructuring of the company and the impending closure of 182 stores, including the Babies”R”Us store at 6875 Douglas Boulevard and six others in the greater Atlanta area. 
Toys”R”Us, which owns Babies”R”Us, filed for bankruptcy in September, 2017 in an effort to reorganize and regain their competitiveness in a changing retail climate. Other retailers have succeeded in gaining large shares of the market by offering low online prices and a wide variety of goods beyond toys or baby products. As part of their restructuring. Toys”R”Us / Babies”R”Us  hopes to focus on their baby registry business, improve their online presence, and reduce their number of stores, creating a financial model that is sustainable while striving to elevate the experience of loyal customers. 
The 20% reduction in stores for Toys”R”Us / Babies”R”Us will leave the retailer with around 600 locations nationwide. The company has plans for at least a dozen of those to be co-branded stores with shared operations (as opposed to the traditional side-by-side model).

The Toys”R”Us store at 9365 The Landing Drive, in Douglasville will remain open. Liquidation sales at Babies”R”Us will run beginning in February (pending court approval of the proposed plan) and are scheduled to be completed by April. 


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