Douglas County Happenings celebrates 10 year mark


            “Douglas County Happenings”, the weekly e-mail events newsletter from Douglas County, is celebrating its 10th Anniversary with its September 27th edition.  “Douglas County Happenings” is a free publication that is e-mailed to subscribers and posted on the County web site each Thursday morning, and contains a listing of everything “happening” in Douglas County for the next 2 – 3 weeks.  The purpose of “Happenings” is to inform Douglas County residents of community and government events so that they can become more involved.  Its tag line is “there’s always something ‘happening’ in Douglas County.”

“Douglas County Happenings” is a production of the Douglas County Board of Commissioners through its Department of Communications and Community Relations, and is issued weekly throughout the year (with some holiday exceptions).

The first “Douglas County Happenings” e-mail newsletter was issued September 27th, 1992.  The September 27th issue will be the 507th regular edition, and it now goes to over 10,000 e-mail addresses weekly.  The first edition went to County employees and about 30 County residents.

“Douglas County Happenings” has also issued special editions and notices, most notably in times of severe weather and emergencies, such as the September 2009 floods.  During the floods, “Happenings” sent out numerous e-mails each day outlining closed streets, washed-out bridges, water system conditions, and other necessary information.  During the January 2011 snow, “Happenings” also posted road conditions, school closings, and other needed data.

In 2010, “Douglas County Happenings” began a page on facebook where it could use social media to easily keep Douglas County residents informed daily or multiple times daily as necessary.  The facebook page now has over 4,500 “likes” and allows posts by others.  The weekly e-mail newsletter is posted on the facebook page as well as daily updates.

“Douglas County Happenings” and its facebook page are the creation of Wes Tallon, Director of Communications and Community Relations for Douglas County, and he has written every edition of the weekly newsletter and is the administrator of the facebook page.  Mr. Tallon was named Director of the newly created County department in November 2000 and “Happenings” was in response to the Department’s Mission of community information and involvement.

Douglas County Commission Chairman Tom Worthan noted the anniversary by saying that “Douglas County Happenings has become the ‘go-to’ place to stay informed and involved in our community.  I am proud of this effort and Wes’ dedication to it over the past ten years.  I know of no other government which communicates so well in such a manner, and we will continue this and other efforts to get the latest information to our residents.”

Interested persons may subscribe to “Happenings” though the County web site at or by e-mailing  Event submittals may be made via e-mail to  Deadline for submittal inclusion in the weekly e-mail newsletter is normally 12 noon on Wednesdays but may change without notice due to other situations.  Submittals are limited to government, not-for-profit and events and announcements of general interest.  Advertisements are not allowed.

An archive of the first ten years of “Douglas County Happenings” is being saved on CD and will be available to researchers in the Douglas County Museum of History and Art in the Old Douglas County Courthouse.

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