Deadline for Property Tax Assessment Appeals


Monday, August 14, 5:00 p.m.: Deadline for Property Tax Assessment Appeals

All Douglas County property owners were mailed the 2017 property tax assessment. State law allows the appeal of the 2017 value if the property owner is not in agreement with the value.

The deadline for appeal submission is 5 p.m., Monday, August 14th, and all appeals must be either in the Appraisal Department office at that time, or have a USPS postmark with a time stamp to be considered. This is a hard deadline set by the State that cannot be modified by local officials. Submittals by fax or e-mail cannot be accepted.

To appeal a value, a property owner can use forms available in the Appraisal Department (first floor, Douglas County Courthouse); on the Appraisal page of the County web site at; or by simply writing a letter stating that the property owner feels that the stated valuation is too high or too low. The property owner can provide independent assessments, comparative property sales reports, and other information to support the appeal request if desired.

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