Cultural Arts Council director issues statement about departure

Davina Grace Hill has announced her departure from the Cultural Arts Council Douglasville/Douglas County as of October 11, 2017. As she announced her departure, she issued the following statement.Davina Hill

When I moved to Douglasville from Maryland three and a half years ago I found a more challenging situation than expected. Since then and now I have brought the organizational finances into the black for concurrent years, I evaluated all the programs and cancelled the costly and low-impact ones; I combined two silo programs into what has become a well respected program with a promising future, "Family ArtsVentures!"; I developed a new entrepreneurial program to bring attention to our craftsmakers in an incubator setting, the "Pop Up Arts Shop"; I recently brought to CAC the concept of the "6 x 6 Tiny Fundraiser" from Syracuse, NY and it was a greater than expected success; I increased CAC visibility with stronger graphics, greater online presence, my editorial newspaper column and the new arts information conduit, "Arts e-Newsletter"; most gratifyingly, I created a cohesive and stable team staff to operate CAC.

Behind the scenes and equally important, I developed a Policy Manual, led the efforts to revise the bylaws, and restructured financial reporting to be more clear and understandable.

I worked to expand CAC's reach by partnering with other arts an non-arts non profits, and by involving corporate and governmental leaders in arts programs.

A lot has been accomplished in a relatively short period of time. Unfortunately it came at the price of my health. What I have only recently shared with a few people, is that I have a very rare neurological disorder, NF-2, which causes spinal cord tumors (usually benign but still problematic depending on their location). It is what has impaired my hearing and is now impacting my mobility. When I left my care at Johns Hopkins I never dreamed I wouldn't find comparable medical support in Georgia. But NF-2 is that rare, and, thus, so are NF-2 specialists.

Therefore, I will be returning to Maryland and my Johns Hopkins doctors. The timing is earlier than I had hoped for in departing CAC but given that a strong staff is in place to continue programs, that the Board of Directors is shepherding a planning process for the future of CAC, and with all the medical health insurance uncertainty nationally, it seemed like the time to take my leave.

One of my favorite quotes is by Woodie Guthrie and it seems particularly pertinent in this place, at this time.

"On the edge of your cities and then, I come with the dust and I go with the wind."

All the best to the arts in Douglas County and, farewell.

Davina Grace Hill

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