Haralson County & Eastern Alabama

Bremen Sports Complex
417 River Circle, Bremen, GA 30110 • 770.537.4222

The sports complex is home to 6 baseball fields, batting cage, walking track, and a playground. The paved walking track incircles the complex and is welcome to walkers and runners.

Learn more: www.bremenrec.org


City of Waco Park
185 Atlantic Avenue, Waco, GA 30182 • 770.537.3314

Located behind city hall, this park has a paved walking track, basketball court and playground.

Learn more: www.wacoga.net


Historic Walking Trail
388 Bowdon Street
Tallapoosa, GA 30176 • 770.574.3124

This is 3 mile historic trail through the city of Tallapoosa.



Mt. Cheaha
19644 Hwy 281
Delta, AL 36258 • 256.488.5111

Located in the middle of the Talladega National Forest, hikers can enjoy wildlife and waterfalls.The park is home to the Cheaha Trailhead of the Pinhoti Trail, which connects with the Appalachian Trail and accesses the Odum Scout Trail, and the Chinnabee Silent Trail.

More information, please visit www.alapark.com



Hiking Inside the Talladega National Forest

Pinhoti Trail

Designated as a National Recreation Trail in 1977, this trail spans both the Talladega and the Shoal Creek Ranger Districts for a total of over 100 miles. Entrance points with parking include:

1) Porters Gap Trailhead on Hwy 77 between Talladega and Ashland
2) South of Cheaha State Park at the end of Hwy 281 at Adams Gap
3) Just inside Cheaha State Park at the Cheaha Trailhead
4) Coleman Lake and Pine Glen Recreation Areas on the Shoal Creek Ranger District.

This trail frequently crosses forest roads and can be hiked in sections, with some sections being more difficult than others. Blazing for this trail is a white turkey foot as well as blue blazing.

Odom Scout Trail

The Odom Trail was originally built buy the Boy Scouts in 1961.The trail runs from High Falls trailhead on Co Rd 12 (Clairmont Springs Road) to near Caney Head in the Cheaha Wilderness Area where it ties into the Pinhoti trail. Total distance of the Odom Trail is 4.7 miles. Distance from the High Falls trailhead to Cheaha State Park is approximately 12 miles.

Nubbin Creek Trail

The Nubbin Creek Trail is a 4 mile trail that connects with the Odom and Cave Creek Trails inside the Cheaha Wilderness Area. A trailhead parking area for this trail can be reached by taking Hwy 49 1/4 of a mile west of Union D Church onto a paved county road. This is the Nubbin Creek road and it changes from asphalt to gravel. The parking lot is about 3 miles from the church and is marked by a brown hiker sign after you cross a small creek.

Cave Creek Trail

The Cave Creek Trail starts at the Cheaha Trailhead inside Cheaha State Park. This trail is 4 miles long and connects with the Nubbin Creek Trail. The Cave Creek Trail is not blazed but usually worn.

Chinnabee Silent Trail

The Chinnabee Silent Trail was named after a group from the Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind who were responsible for the construction of the trail. This trail runs from the parking lot at Lake Chinnabee, up stream to the parking lot on Hwy 281, 3 miles outside of Cheaha State Park. The trail, from parking area to parking area is approximately 3 1/2 miles. While hiking this trail, one will encounter two waterfalls and a shelter. Devils Den, one of the most popular waterfalls is only short 1/2 mile hike from the trailhead at Lake Chinnabee, and Cheaha Falls is only 3/4 of a mile from the parking area on Hwy 281. Cheaha Shelter, just above Cheaha Falls is an opened faced wooden building with a fire pit that can accommodate any weary hiker along their journey.

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