Cinco De Mayo closes but plans to reopen soon

Cinco De Mayo Moving

Cinco De Mayo Mexican Grill has temporarily closed in Douglasville. The restaurant, located at 3281 Highway 5 for the past 11 years, is moving to 7436 Douglas Boulevard, the original location of Highlanders Tavern and Grill (now on Concourse Parkway near Sam’s Club). 
Representatives of Cinco De Mayo communicated that staff was busily preparing for a reopening at the new location as soon as possible in the new year. “We plan to keep the same menu, the same friendly staff, in a fresh new location. We’re just waiting to complete final inspections and then we will open.” they said. 
Cinco De Mayo Mexican Grill drew international attention in April, 2016, when customer, Reginald Widener, quietly videoed waiter Alex Ruiz sitting at a booth with a customer and feeding him because the customer had no hands. The simple act of kindness was played on news broadcasts around the world as an example of human caring and selflessness. Ruiz is still with the restaurant and among the staff that eagerly awaits the reopening.
For more information and to watch for updates about the reopening, the restaurant is on Facebook at CincoDeMayoMexGrill

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