Candidates qualifying for 2014 election in Douglas County

Candidates Qualifying for 2014 Election

Douglas County


Georgia House of Representatives

District 61                 Roger Bruce (incumbent, Democrat)                                No opposition

District 62                 LaDawn Blackett Jones (incumbent, Democrat)             No opposition

District 65                 Sharon Beasley-Teague (incumbent, Democrat)             No opposition

District 66                 Kimberly Alexander (incumbent, Democrat)                    Bob Snelling (Republican)

District 67                 Micah Gravley (incumbent, Republican)                           No opposition

District 68                 Dustin Hightower (incumbent, Republican)                    No opposition


Georgia State Senate

District 30                 Mike Dugan (incumbent, Republican)                               Bill Hembree (Republican)

James H. Nixon (Democrat)

District 35                 Donzella James (incumbent, Democrat)                            Francisco Artley (Republican)


Douglas Judicial District

District Attorney         Elizabeth Dalia Racine (Democrat)                                  Brian Fortner (Republican)

Superior Court Judge  David Emerson (incumbent, non-partisan)

Superior Court Judge  Robert James (incumbent, non-partisan)

Solicitor-General        Matthew Krull (incumbent, Republican)                        Sandra G. Dawson (Democrat)

State Court Judge      W. O. “Neal” Dettmering (incumbent, non-partisan)   Sonya R. Compton (non-partisan)


United States House of Representatives

District 13                 David Scott (incumbent, Democrat)                                   Michael Owens (Democrat)


Douglas County Board of Commissioners

District 1                   Henry Mitchell III (incumbent, Democrat)                      No opposition

District 3                   Mike Mulcare (incumbent, Republican)                            Leslie Golden (Democrat)

District 4                   Ann Jones Guider (incumbent, Republican)                    J. R. McCoy (Republican)


Douglas County Board of Education

District 2                   D. T. Jackson (incumbent, Democrat)                              No opposition

District 3                   Janet Kelly (incumbent, Republican)                                Tracy Rookard (Democrat)

District 4                   Sam Haskell (incumbent, Republican)                             Tyler L. Barr (Democrat)

Lauren McCoy (Republican)                                                                                    Denny Bridges (Democrat)

Michelle Simmons (Democrat)


Douglas County Magistrate Court

Chief Magistrate        Susan Camp (incumbent, Republican)

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