Big Chic opens in Villa Rica

Big Chic opens by Wal-Mart

Many area residents who are familiar with Big Chic Fried Chicken will be thrilled to learn that a location has opened in the Wal-Mart shopping center near GNC and Radio Shack.

Local residents Roger and Pam Fuller own the new restaurant, which opened in February. Big Chic specializes in Fried Chicken, including Livers and Gizzards, Fried Catfish, and Hot Wings. This is the first location in Villa Rica, so now residents will not have to drive to Carrollton to enjoy their food.

Roger retired from UPS over a year ago, and planned on working part time. After searching, he found that the job market was very tough, and he decided that he would open the restaurant. He felt like it would be successful, since so many Villa Ricans are familiar with the Big Chic name.

The restaurant has a Facebook page, Big Chic of Villa Rica. You may also stop by or call them at 770-459-0008.

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