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Atlanta’s Finest Catering, from Douglasville,  is proud to announce that they have signed contract with Lifetime Network to be on the newest reality TV show, “Catering Wars-Atlanta” that will premiere beginning Tuesday July 16 at 10 Pm on Lifetime Network.   They are are hosting a series premiere party for the whole community that will be held at the new Douglas County Courthouse located at 8700 Hospital Drive, Douglasville, GA 30135 beginning at 8 pm, with the show airing at 10 pm on July 16.  There will be 35′ screen TV’s set up outside the courthouse to view the show along with free food for all that attend.  The series “Catering Wars” will consist of  three one hours episodes that will begin airing Tuesday July 16 and proceed the following two Tuesdays in the month of July. Filming for the first episodes of Catering Wars started last August and just finished up recently.  During the filming process Lorie Bomar, owner of Atlanta’s Finest Catering, said she ” went out of my way to showcase Douglas County, filming at places like the Farmer’s Table on Hwy 5, Findley’s Butcher Shop on Chapel Hill Road, Lee’s Discount on Hwy 5 and the Exodus Ranch off Fairburn Road”.

The show “Catering Wars” follows some of Atlanta’s top rated catering companies, Atlanta Finest Catering, Ocean’s Catering, Hottie Hawgs Barbeque and Pat’s Party Perfect as they attempt to outwit and outbid one another in hopes of becoming the best catering outfit in Georgia!  Day in and day out the catering companies bid, broil, and do battle to keep their businesses alive, their clients happy and jobs rolling through the door.  In the world of catering there are no second chances–the caterer that wins the bid has to stay on top to win the war!  Each one hour episode centers around three different catering events in which they battle against each other to get the job.

Lorie is the owner of Atlanta’s Finest Catering, which is a family owned business,  and one of 13  children.  Their company slogan is to “shake it, bake it, and make it happen”!  Her catering company  caters approximately 200 weddings a year, along with birthdays, anniversaries, and any other kind of celebration.  The company is made up of her huge family.  There are many family members that cater for her, along with 40 grandchildren and 20 some great grandchildren and many, many more nieces and nephews!  Formerly a 30-year Kroger associate, she was Deli Manager at store #366 District N in Douglasville, GA.  She retired some 20 years ago and began catering.  Both she and brother, Jimmy Gardner, who is also a part of the show should definitely make Kroger proud.  Jimmy is a reset coordinator on Kroger’s reset team, and is also a 30 year Kroger Associate (Kroger Manager at #366).

“We would love for the whole community to join myself and my crew to watch the premiere  kickoff!  Get ready for lots of laughs. We are very excited about the new show and to be given this opportunity along with the exposure the show will bring to metro Atlanta!”, said Lorie.


Here are links to a couple of videos about the show:

Show Open

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