Artist & Sculptor – Carlos Anduze at Uncorked in August

Uncorked on Main and the Villa Rica Main Street Arts Coalition presented artist and sculptor, Carlos Anduze, at an opening reception on Friday, August 4, at 7pm. His new works will be on display from August 4 through August 27 Wednesday through Sunday.


Biography - Carlos delights in his creations and has been commissioned to create larger outdoor sculptures as well as smaller indoor pieces in various mediums.

Carlos Anduze was born in Puerto Rico and lived in Miami, Florida. Upon completing high school, he attended the Art Institute of Miami. After a tour in the Army, he graduated from Florida International  University with an MBA degree. Carlos continued living in Miami with his family and four children until the late 1970’s. During this time, Carlos was partner in the largest Professional Tax Consulting firm in Florida. 

His relocation was  to a small farm in western North Carolina. During this time he created some of his early  works, as well as owning and managing a productive Tax Consulting business. After retiring from his practice of forty-five years, he and his wife reside in Villa Rica, Georgia. His love for the abstract has continued through the years, and this is evident in the beautiful  sculptures that adorn the grounds of their European Villa in the country.

Carlos continues to delight in his creations, ever creating anew. He has been commissioned to create   larger outdoor sculptures as well as smaller inside pieces in various mediums.

To contact Carlos, please call 678-640-8200 or email

To contact Uncorked on Main, please call 678-941-3699


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