Advanced Dermatology: Complimentary skin cancer screenings

Advanced DermatologyAdvanced Dermatology to offer complimentary skin cancer screenings on January 19

Advanced Dermatology will be offering a complimentary skin cancer screening to residents of Douglas County and West Georgia on January 19, from 8:30am to 12:30pm. A screening allows residents who have moles or lesions that look suspicious to have them checked out by an expert to determine if they warrant further investigation, such as a biopsy, or if they are normal. There is no charge for the visit to have the spot in question looked at. If you are interested in a screening, you may call the office at 770.739.7546 and make an appointment for the 15th. 

Advanced Dermatology is located at 4904 Timber Ridge Drive, Suite 101, directly behind QuikTrip. For more information about the practice, you may visit

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