Dazzles founder leaves legacy behind

William Carl Couey of Douglasville passed away on October 31, 2011.  Funeral services were held at Whitley Garner at Rosehaven Chapel in Douglasville on November 3rd.  Immediately following the service, friends and family gathered at Dazzles Skating Rink. He was the founder and longtime owner of Dazzles Roller Rink in Douglasville, just off Fairburn Road. He was born on April 6, 1923 in Atlanta. He served during WWII in the Army Air Corps.

One of Carl’s passions was roller skating, and he taught his wife Reba how to skate while they were dating.  In fact, according to the couple’s daughter, he told her “If you’re going to be with me you are going to have to learn how to skate.” She then related “And he put her in some rental skates and basically pushed her out on there the floor.” But he bought her a pair of skates before the night was over.”

The couple founded a number of roller rinks in the Atlanta area including South Cobb Roller Rink in 1959, Crescent Park Skating Rink and Swimming Pool in Cobb County in 1962, Dazzles Roller Rink I in Douglasville in 1989, and Dazzles Roller Rink II in Fayetteville in 1990. Crescent Park was one of the first rinks in the country to play rock and roll music for the skaters. There is even a Facebook page called “I used to skate and swim at Crescent Park”.

When Carl opened his Crescent Park location he wanted kids to learn to skate so badly that he hired a school bus to pick them up. This enabled many people to learn a new sport that they otherwise might have missed. For many, skating became a family tradition and activity, and often at Dazzles there are three generations of a family skating together.

Family friend Steven Eberhart relayed another benefit of the business that Carl created.  “On the 50th anniversary of Carl’s skating rinks”, he said “I talked to several old-timers.  One common statement was made by several people, they were all glad there was a skating rink they could go to in their youth. It probably kept them out of trouble”.

He also gave a bit of insight into Carl’s character when he said “Recently, right after his wife dies, I had a conversation with Carl at his home and he told me something he had never mentioned before. He said ‘Steve, when I first opened the skating rinks, I was just a businessman wanting to succeed. After a short time, I became aware that what I really wanted was for all of my children (that’s what he called anyone who skated at one of his rinks), to have a place to come to and learn something that I loved to do. I wanted them to love roller skating just like me’.”


Jim & Tina Allums and staff will carry on the legacy of Carl Couey at the Dazzles rink in Douglasville, located at 3844 Longview Drive near Your Bowling Center. For 24 hour information you may call 770-942-7655 or you may visit them on the web at www.dazzlesrollersports.com .

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