20/30 FastTrack weight loss and health program growing

20/30 FastTrack20/30 FastTrack weight loss and health program growing in popularity

Gordon Johnson, principal owner of Golds Gym of Douglasville, announced in February 2017 the adoption of the national Weight Loss and Health program, 20/30 FastTrack. Since that time over 200 Douglas County residents have lost weight, gained health benefits and enhanced their lives.

Unlike most weight loss programs which have prepackaged foods, this program teaches real food for real life. 20/30 FastTrack balances hormones that cause a person to gain weight and feel bad and how hormones can be controlled to claim their life back. Weight loss is just the tip of the iceberg. Health benefits members report are diabetes controlled without medication, blood pressure control, night sweats gone, hot flashes gone, migraines and acid reflux gone and more. Participants lose about 20 pounds in 30 days and can then choose to continue if they wish to lose 10 or more pounds a month.

Gold’s Gym, part of the Douglas County community since 1984, for many years searched for a credible and healthy weight loss plan that could attack the growing obesity problem. The 20/30 FastTrack program is a registered dietitian certified program licensed from DK Co. in Lima, Ohio. DK Co. has offered the 20/30 Fast Track program for over 30 years and is licensed in over 100 locations nationally. Because of the extensive training required for the wellness staff few companies are willing to make the investment that Gold’s Gym has made.

A free 45-minute seminar explaining the program is held on Monday nights at the Douglasville convention center. For more information call Jenn Hite, Wellness Director at 470.265.6240. Visit the Facebook site www.Facebook.com/2030Douglasville/ to view many of the people who have claimed their life back.

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